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Aktualisiert: 2. Sept. 2022

My first BILLBOARD Exhibition "Genesis of a Soundteller" reflects my own journey that oscillates between Techno and the dengbeji heritage.

How do we gather? What kind of communities do we form? As new encounters and gatherings become more difficult and are even considered a threat to our mutual well-being, during the Covid pandemic, the exhibition explores forms of artistic exchange in public or virtual space.

"Music as a means of resistance and healing"

The sound is hybrid, it includes archival material in a conceptual way. I try to move elements together from my ancestors and from archival music, but also to add my individual take on the sound and from my own heritage.

In Cooperation with philomena+

In cooperation with philomena+ with a related online exhibition of the artists at Exhibition is curated by Aline Lenzhofer. Billboard is designed by Robert Kainzmayer

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